My Life

My Life

I stop for a while and look back,

For all I have in my life,

And what all it still lacks;

What makes my life meaningful?

And what makes it tedious and dull.

For all, life has been a roller coaster ride.

Some are an open book,

Some have secrets to hide.

While some win the battle and subside,

Others just lose themselves to life.

When I look back at the journey of my life,

I see all the wrong turns I made,

And look upon all those years that fade.

Some curses I gave; some hearts were broken.

Some love words which were left unspoken.

Decisions I made, Left many faces frown.

I see all my mistakes and my sight falls down.

As a tear rolls through my cheek,

A small smile starts to creep;

When I think about what I’ve gained,

Instead of all the heartbreaks and pain.

I choose to be happy and feel great,

And not let the regrets make me irate.

What life would’ve been without these lessons?

I let go off the bane and just count the blessings.

I am ready for more sloppy paths,

With only laughter and no more wraths.

Nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

I’ll be strong; there is a lot more to unwind.

I look forward to the life that awaits,

Here I come to spread the splinter of joy,

And change the fates.


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