An unforgettable interview

More than 24 hours and I can’t stop thinking about it! Probably because it was the most interesting thing that happened to me in the past few weeks, eh, months. Yes, I have a pretty boring life. Now before curiosity kills you, let me tell you that I am talking about the interview I attended yesterday, exactly 24 hours and 53 minutes ago.

Interview? Interesting? What are you talking about girl?

Well, the presence of a clumsy version of me can make the most boring and menacing thing like an interview, a laughing exercise. Everyone had a good laugh in that room. The only difference was that they were laughing at me, on my face and I was laughing at myself, after leaving the room. I was embarrassed at my performance.

Seriously, though, interviews can be scary. Those few minutes inside the room, in front of all those experienced personnel can decide whether you will get enough respect in the society or not in the coming future. No matter how many accolades you have earned all through your life, the societal norms are to be fulfilled mandatorily. Just a look at their faces makes you forget everything, sometimes even your name. And there goes your dreams and self-respect, crushed in front of your eyes. Maybe that’s why people forget all the promises they made to themselves of never lying and pretending to be what you are not and portray themselves as the best possible asset the company can have.

But that was not what happened to me. I did not lie. I humiliated myself. I entered the room in all the confidence I had in me. It started off well. They asked me about my hobbies, my family background and my degrees to which I answered normally. There was also a female interviewer who seemed to be interested in my writing, which made me really happy. I was literally dancing in my head when she asked my blog address aka this place.

But then, the evil of my life somehow decided to creep in slowly and decided to ruin the rest of it. The result? I, a Master’s degree holder in Commerce, a gold medallist at that, forgot all about my own subjects. You know how they say, a sword cannot replace a needle. So, in my case, the master’s degree was of no use if I couldn’t answer an intermediate level question. On top of that, I was smiling continuously. They were probably convinced till now that either I am a fraud or mentally unstable.

The next question was so simple that even a non-commerce background person could have answered it. What determines the price of a good? I listed all the stupid and irrelevant factors except Demand and Supply. Now, I was convinced that I have already lost it. By the way, that’s the evil I was talking about a while ago, Economics.

Then, a gentleman, who seemed to hail from Manipur or Assam (I judged him by the looks) asked me if I belonged to Lucknow. Now, this was the most interesting part.

Sir: Do you belong to Lucknow?

Me: Yes Sir. Born and brought up in Lucknow.

Sir: So, can you tell me which industry has been shifted from UP to Gujrat?

Me: (sat there clueless)

Sir: It was in Kanpur earlier. It has been shifted a while ago.

Me: (sat there dumbfound. I belong to Lucknow sir, not Kanpur. No, I did not spoke that out loud.) Sir, the leather industry is still in Kanpur. (I stated with confusion written all over my face)

Sir: Yes, of course, It is still there. I am talking about the British era.

Me: (lost all cool but kept up the smiling act) Sir, please you tell. (Face palm)

Other Sir: Why would we tell? We will ask other candidates.

Me: Sir, I won’t tell anyone outside Sir, aap mujhe bata dijiye.

And they laughed!

I mentally slapped myself at that point. Koi to mujhe bacha lo!!

The lady again came to my rescue. She asked some more general questions. In all honesty, I had already given thousands of ‘thank yous’ to her mentally for being so nice to me. She was my only saviour in that daunting atmosphere, no offence to the gentlemen.

All in all, I was mentally sure that I stand no chance at all, till the interview came to an end. Rest lies in the hands of the almighty.


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