Last Words


I loved you with everything in me,

Dreamt about our future; the world of ‘three’.

Looked beautiful for you,

Wished the best for you,

Only to let you bring out the worst in me.

Always saw you as a partner,

Felt complete with you beside me.

Spent my birthday accompanying with you in work,

And you chose to be away on valentines, leaving me hurt.

That driven, ambitious, disciplined girl is long gone;

The day you forced me to kill our baby unborn.

I was like a bitch chasing you after your car;

There you were breaking my heart with countless scars.


You never appreciated my love; kicked me in the face.

The promises you made turned out to be all fake.

Willing to forgive you even after all that cheating,

But now I have no reason to breathe;

I am not feeling my heart beating.


All I want is to sleep and never wake up again,

Coz I have nothing left in me to bear this pain.

My soul, every bit of it is destroyed;

You took it away and left me dishevelled.

I don’t feel broken apart anymore,

I don’t feel the ache in my heart anymore.


I wished things were so differently,

Sadly this is what you have made of me.

My life is better this way,

Instead of getting hurt day by day.

So, I kiss our memories and love goodbye,

Leaving behind your torture and lies.

Our memories together were precious and few,

But I cherished them more than you ever knew.


Now, I am at a place where you cannot hurt me,

I let go off and set you free!


2 thoughts on “Last Words

  1. Ankit says:

    It is so big a thing to forgive someone and let them free! Brave. Life gives you more opportunities to glue yourself back, just believe.
    I like those cylindrical pink blue capsule and the pink tablets. Pleasing to the eyes. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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