As each day come and go,

It has something new to show.

A new chapter begins every day,

But not always to make us happy and gay.

Life is a journey and we are the puppets,

No matter how many the problems are,

Our life doesn’t rest.

On us it showers all the blessings,

Not forgetting to remind us,

How beautiful are the things.


Reality is what we tell ourselves,

May it be a little less happiness.

Several are the way to escape the evil,

The motive is to test our strength and will.


Our mind is no less than Google,

It just demands us to doodle.

Dreams are endless, hopes are many;

Stupid heart desires love, fame, and money.


Leaving behind all the tension,

Remember good times,

Past never mention.

A promise we gave ourselves,

Should not be merely a promise.

Rather it should be a reason;

A reason to love; live; life!


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