Hey Pals!

You see that face with a dimple on your screen? That would be me. I am Aarushi and here is my little attempt to make you interested in my work.

I wanted to be a Doctor when I was still in Primary School. But I gave up on it once I found out you need to dissect dead creatures.SCARY!!! Eventually I discovered my love for words and ever since then I want to be recognized as a writer. I am still taking baby steps though.

Writing to me is like breathing. I can’t think of any other way to express my feelings and thoughts. Although, I am a speaker too but I don’t enjoy anything as much as I enjoy writing. I believe Words can do Wonders. Words can take you to imaginations you never thought existed. Also, I cant live with out music.

I have done my Masters in Commerce and I am working on my PhD currently. I have a view on politics, sports and economy as much as I have an opinion on life and lifestyle. I might come across as too straight sometimes but that’s what I was born with being a Scorpion. You might treat it as a little disclaimer. But, I never intend to hurt anyone with my writing. That would be so against my sole purpose of spreading happiness.

I am researching about ADHD and OCD and how to deal with people blessed with these traits. Any help would be appreciable. The reason I say blessed is because my own brother has been diagnosed with this and I see how blessed he is. He just need some moral support to channelize his thoughts.

I never like to be perfect at anything because it just kills the opportunity of further growth and development. I always try to keep my creations simple in terms of language so I can reach the hearts of maximum souls.

If you like my work at any point and decide to stick around, feel free to connect with me. I would love to hear all your opinions. And if you decide to criticize me I would double thank you because you will help me improve further.


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