Are you happy? Ask yourself that question again and again, till your heart answers you. Because the mind will always give you a biased answer.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Happiness is not the smile that people see on your face. It is something that your eyes reflect. And it is not measurable by the things you own or the life you live. You may have all the wealth in the world but if you cry yourself to sleep at night, you are not happy. You may be surrounded with the most awesome people but if you still feel lonely, you are not happy. You may have the perfect job, but if you want to run away from your office in the middle of the work, you are not happy. You may have Mr Perfect as your life partner but if your heart still does a flip-flop on seeing your high school crush, you are not really happy.

Then what is happiness? Can someone really define it? Can someone find it? It’s a huge world. So, shall we pack our bags and go out in search of happiness?


You just need to close your eyes and peep into your inner self. Ask yourself what makes you smile…happy and do that. It may not require anyone else. It may require being with someone you are not allowed to. It may require you to break the rules and set new ones for yourself or just not have any at all. It is actually the search for yourself because the key to your happiness is in your hands. Just never ever hand it to anyone else no matter how much important that person is to you.

Right from when we start facing the world, that is when we are toddlers basically, we are told a variety of things that we should do in order to lead a happy life. We do what we are told. And we start thinking that we are happy. But are we? We certainly think so. And then there is a long list of regrets and what-ifs. Try saving yourself from that list. The shorter the list the happier you will be. Be unapologetic of your choices in life. Do what you want to do in that moment and never think about it later. Don’t bound your choices with your reasons because everything in life does not come in a reasonable package. Embrace your choices, all of them. Love the wrong ones more than the right ones. Because the wrong ones are actually what life sums up in. Take chances and feel proud in doing so.

Remember, you were born to be you not what the world wants you to be.